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Rabbit's ear ( Stachys byzantina, Stachys lanata)
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Stachys byzantina is a perennial, woolly, gray-white herbaceous plant reminiscent of rabbit ears in its fluffy appearance. The lower leaves form a rosette from which emerges a stem 60 high. Some gardeners remove the flower stalks as soon as they appear (judging that they spoil the silhouette of the plant) yet the flowers have the advantage of being nectariferous and of attracting bees and butterflies. This low plant elegantly adorns all gardens by serving as a border or ground cover without being invasive. In Provence, it was called the "hand of God" because of its healing and vulnerary properties.

Latin name: Stachys byzantina, Stachys lanata
Common names: Bear's ear, Hare's ear, Rabbit's ear, Woolly Epiaire, Byzantium Epiaire
English: Lamb's ear
Family: Lamiaceae

Accommodates, and even appreciates, poor and stony soils (those that make up the embankments or other places difficult to flower!)