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Meadow salsify (Tragopogon pratensis)
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Shy in the garden, salsify blends in with grass when it is young. But its hardiness and lack of pests make it a wise choice for curiosity seekers. It is not the most productive plant, but it is worth the detour for its taste between hazelnut and parsnip. This plant is a real little sundial At the first light of dawn, meadow salsify opens directly towards the sun, then follows the course of the star until evening. From the dandelion family, it has an edible root with a slight nutty taste. The roots are tender and devoid of bitterness, provided they are picked before the flower stalk develops. The leaves are also edible. When the flowers appear, in the second year, it is possible to eat the flower buds like those of scorzonera. Culinary uses - chopped raw roots in salads, - cooked roots cut into strips (with white wine to prevent them from turning black), - young leaves in salads, - cooked leaves in vegetables, - raw flower buds in salads or cooked in vegetables.

Latin name: Tragopogon pratensis
Common names: goat's beard
English: Jack-go-tobed-at-noon, Meadow Salsify, Showy Goat's-beard
Family: Asteraceae