Cucamelon Cucumber (Melothria scabra)
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Small oval-shaped cucumber, green striped with pale green, resembling a watermelon. 2 to 3 cm in diameter only! Cucumber and lemon flavor. Can be eaten raw or candied. Also called Mouse Melon, Mexican Cucumber, Gherkin Cucumber.
Cucumber Aunt Alice (Cucumis sativus)
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Aunt Alice (Marie-Alice Laflamme Gosselin) was still growing her cucumber at age 90. She chose the largest and most beautiful to produce seeds that she soaked in milk, the day before Saint-Antoine, before planting them in the garden, in good rich and fertile black soil. Then, the succession not being there, the last seeds were entrusted to a passionate man who introduced us to this excellent variety.;This very productive cucumber is resistant to diseases. It is easy to digest. We prefer small cucumbers to larger fruits, for their juicy, crunchy and fragrant flesh.;Exceptional heritage variety.

Few seeds because it is difficult to extract seeds from this cucumber, it gives really little.
Market More cucumber (Cucumis sativus)
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Cucumis sativusThe cucumber was already consumed more than 3000 years ago, in India and Egypt. The 'Marketmore' variety is very popular as a field cucumber, has a thin skin and delicious flesh. This cucumber is grown in the ground or in pots and its productivity is high, especially in the presence of pollinating insects. Quite productive.

The vast majority of our seeds are produced on our farm. However, if the cultivation of a variety fails or if it is out of stock, we source from other seed companies to ensure an interesting selection. This is the case for this variety.

Latin name: Cucumis sativus
Common name: Field cucumber.
English: Marketmore cucumber, cucumbers.
Family: Cucurbitaceae