Tomatillo (Physalis ixocarpa)
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A plant native to Mexico and South America, it has been cultivated there for centuries. A distant cousin of the tomato, the tomatillo is the essential ingredient in the preparation of salsa verde. It can also be used in soups, curries and other dishes or eaten fresh. The greenish fruit is encased in a husk which turns brown when ripe.;Envelope Mixture of Toma Verde and Purple variety.
Goldie ground cherry (Physalis pruinosa)
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This generous vegetable plant offers us a sweet and fragrant fruit which is a fresh delight, in jam, in sauce, or in pies. Like Chinese lanterns, it is wrapped in a protective envelope. When the fruit is ripe, the husk comes off, the fruit falls to the ground, and the little golden globes are ready to be harvested.

The vast majority of our seeds are produced on our farm. However, if the cultivation of a variety fails or if it is out of stock, we source from other seed companies to ensure an interesting selection. This is the case for this variety.

Latin name: Physalis pruinosa
Common names: Ground cherry, cape gooseberries, winter cherry, Chinese lantern, cage love.
English: Ground cherry, cape gooseberry.
Family: Solanaceae