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Montreal Melon (Cucumis melo)
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Also known by the English name of "Montreal Market Muskmelon", or "Montreal Nutmeg Melon", this melon with green flesh and a slight taste of nutmeg has practically disappeared. The first traces of the Montreal melon come from the Jesuits, who cultivated it in 1684. It enjoyed strong popularity in the early 1900s and until the 1950s, when galloping urbanization, the lack of succession and the high cost of labor signed its death warrant. It was cultivated by three families, the Aubins, the Décaries and the Gormans. According to the Potager d'antan, the melon was meticulously selected from the middle of the 17th century before being stabilized in 1870 under the name Melon de Montréal. In the 1880s, the American seed merchant wrote in his catalog that he was one of the biggest sellers throughout New England. In short, it was forgotten when the farms disappeared from the Island of Montreal, before being found by a journalist in a gene bank in the United States. Here it is now, smaller than it was in the original photos, but with the same great taste! Please note that if you wish to save your own seeds, you must ensure that no other variety of melon grows at a kilometer around, otherwise you will have to pollinate it by hand.

Cultivation of the Montreal Melon is difficult. It requires rich soil, abundant watering and heat. The maturity of the melon is difficult to establish and, once picked, it keeps for a very short time. However, it is delicious!
Oka melon (Cucumis melo)
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This melon is related to the mythical green-fleshed melon from Montreal and the Banana cantaloupe from the United States. Its orange flesh is very fragrant and its taste exquisite. It was designed in 1910 by the Trappist father Athanase of the Cistercians of Oka, formerly director of the Agricultural Institute of Oka. When the school closed in 1962, the melon disappeared... then was found on Île Bizard, where we grow it!

Melons require heat to develop well.
Sugar Baby Watermelon
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Popular and very sweet, this watermelon is characterized by its skin that turns really dark when ripe and its juicy flesh with very few seeds. As its name suggests, it produces small fruits weighting between 3 and 4 kg which would be ideal for small gardens.

CARE AND OTHER CONSIDERATIONS : Melons require heat to develop properly.