Watercress Groleau (Lepidium sativum)


This variety of watercress has been growing since 1972 in the county of Portneuf thanks to Mrs. Nicole Groleau. The pungent leaves can be harvested throughout the summer. It is possible to make successive sowings every two weeks if you want to harvest young leaves continuously. This watercress will pleasantly spice up your salads and sandwiches. The plant is very vigorous and requires little maintenance apart from a regular supply of water.

Latin name: Lepidium sativum
Common name: watercress
English: Groleau Cress
Family: Brassicaceae

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  • Plant type
    • Annual
  • Quantity
    • Envelope of about 200 seeds
  • Exposure
    • Half shade
  • Shape
    • Erected
  • Soil
    • Humiferous
  • Watering
    • Abundant
  • Sowing
    • Directly in the garden
  • Plantation
    • In the garden after the risk of frost
  • Days to maturity
    • 15 days
  • Germination
    • 3 to 5 days
  • Plant spacing
    • 10 cm
  • Depth
    • On the surface
  • Width
    • 30 cm
  • Height
    • 45 cm to 55 cm
  • Color
  • Family
    • Brassicaceae

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Plant type: Annual
Quantity: Envelope of about 200 seeds
Exposure: Half shade
Shape: Erected
Soil: Humiferous
Watering: Abundant
Sowing: Directly in the garden
Plantation: In the garden after the risk of frost
Days to maturity: 15 days
Germination: 3 to 5 days
Plant spacing: 10 cm
Depth: On the surface
Width: 30 cm
Height: 45 cm to 55 cm
Color: Green
Family: Brassicaceae

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