Onion 'Catawissa' (Allium x proliferum, syn. Allium cepa var. proliferum)


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** CANNOT BE SHIPPED OUTSIDE CANADA ** The 'Catawissa' or Egyptian onion has long been grown in Quebec. It is mentioned as far back as 1820, and it would have arrived with the first settlers. But its origin is unclear, with some saying it comes from Catawissa, a city in Pennsylvania, and others from China. Grapes. We mainly harvest the bulblets or the bulb, but the foliage is also delicious chopped like chives. After 2-3 years, the plant will benefit from being divided and then replanted individually. The surpluses can then be eaten like a green onion. The 'Catawissa' onion has a small to medium, elongated, red bulb.;;Quantity Approximately 8 small bulbils per order.

Benefits from a division after a few years.

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5.55 $

  • Plant type
    • Perennial
  • Quantity
    • Envelope of about 8 bulbils
  • Exposure
    • Full sun
  • Shape
    • Erected
  • Soil
    • All types of soils
  • Days to maturity
    • 1 year
  • Plant spacing
    • 25 cm to 30 cm
  • Row spacing
    • 35 cm
  • Depth
    • 2 cm
  • Width
    • 30 cm
  • Height
    • 60 cm to 70 cm
  • Color
  • Family
    • Amaryllidaceae

This combination does not exist.

Plant type: Perennial
Quantity: Envelope of about 8 bulbils
Exposure: Full sun
Shape: Erected
Soil: All types of soils
Days to maturity: 1 year
Plant spacing: 25 cm to 30 cm
Row spacing: 35 cm
Depth: 2 cm
Width: 30 cm
Height: 60 cm to 70 cm
Color: Red
Family: Amaryllidaceae

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