Winter savory (Satureja montana)
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Perennial herb with small leathery green leaves resembling large needles. It produces small pink or white flowers that are very popular with pollinators. The winter savory has a slightly less pronounced taste than the summer savory but supports more thorough cooking than the latter. It has a subtly peppery flavor which makes it excellent for enhancing dishes of all kinds. Can be used fresh or dried. To dry the leaves, you can harvest them just before flowering and thus have a stronger taste.

Latin name: Satureja montana
Common names: winter savory, mountain savory, perennial savory.
English: Winter savory, mountain savory
Family: Lamiaceae
Shiso (Perilla frutescens)
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Shiso is an aromatic plant native to Southeast Asia. Its pronounced and spicy fragrance is reminiscent of cumin. Beautiful vigorous plant, its leaves were traditionally used for sushi, soups and tempura. They can be used fresh like basil or in hot dishes. The leaves can be picked throughout the summer. Its small white flowers which arrive later in the season can be used as a decorative condiment.

Latin name: Perilla frutescens
Common names: Shiso, Perilla, Chinese green perilla, Chinese basil
English: Shiso
Family: Lamiaceae

If you want to harvest seeds for the following season, it is preferable to leave it early enough for indoor sowing to allow it to complete its cycle.
Creeping thyme (Thymus serpyllum)
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Cette variété de thym rampant fait un superbe couvre sol, particulièrement adapté pour les jardins et sols rocailleux. Excellent pour les sols secs et pauvres, il nécessite peu d'arrosage une fois bien implanté. Certains l'utilisent comme alternative à la pelouse traditionnelle. Il tolère le piétinement et dégage un agréable parfum. Plante mellifère, elle fera le bonheur des pollinisateurs avec sa floraison abondante durant les mois de juillet et août. Excellent pour les sols secs, nécessite peu d'arrosage une fois bien implanté. Ce thym s'utilise en cuisine frais ou séché pour parfumer toutes sortes de plats.

Nom latin: Thymus serpyllum
Nom commun: Thym serpolet,
Anglais: Creeping thyme
Famille: Lamiaceae