Lovage (Levisticum officinalis)
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Lovage is an aromatic and medicinal perennial from the Apiaceae family. Its taste is somewhat reminiscent of parsley and celery. It is also called perpetual celery, bastard celery and mountain celery. It is used in sauces, stews and soups. Dried, its leaves will replace bay leaves and lovage salt will replace onion salt. Flowers and seeds are also edible. Leaves, stems and roots can be eaten cooked or raw. Its flowering umbels stand on stems up to 2 meters high. Lovage was once very present in the gardens of the first settlers. Archaeologists, when they flush out this tenacious perennial, can deduce that there were ancient colonization sites at this location. In Europe, it was consumed abundantly to fight scurvy. Already in the Middle Ages, the cultivation of this vegetable plant was recommended. It was also very common in the cuisine of ancient Rome.

You can start consuming it from the 2nd year.