Zinnia (Zinnia sp.)


Zinnia;Zinnia sp.Asteraceae;Amazing and elegant flower, the zinnia is an annual that comes in multiple colors sunny yellow, bright orange or fuchsia pink. Its nectar will relentlessly attract hummingbirds and pollinators.;Zinnia is found primarily in Mexico. Following the sun, it spread across the dry grasslands, over an area stretching from southwestern North America to South America.

Latin name: Zinnia sp.
Common Names: Zinnia
English: Zinnia
Family: Asteraceae

Possibility of spontaneous sowing. Good dried flower. Cutting faded flowers stimulates flowering.

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  • Plant type
    • Annual
  • Flower color
  • Quantity
    • Envelope of about 50 seeds
  • Exposure
    • Full sun
  • Shape
    • Bushy
  • Soil
    • All types of soils
  • Watering
    • Regular
  • Sowing
    • Inside
  • Plantation
    • In the garden after the risk of frost
  • Days to maturity
    • 60 to 70 days
  • Germination
    • 10 days
  • Plant spacing
    • 30 cm to 40 cm
  • Depth
    • 5 mm
  • Width
    • 30 cm to 40 cm
  • Height
    • 60 cm to 75 cm
  • Family
    • Asteraceae

This combination does not exist.

Plant type: Annual
Flower color: Colorful
Quantity: Envelope of about 50 seeds
Exposure: Full sun
Shape: Bushy
Soil: All types of soils
Watering: Regular
Sowing: Inside
Plantation: In the garden after the risk of frost
Days to maturity: 60 to 70 days
Germination: 10 days
Plant spacing: 30 cm to 40 cm
Depth: 5 mm
Width: 30 cm to 40 cm
Height: 60 cm to 75 cm
Family: Asteraceae

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